One Stop Silent Disco Shop

Hire Silent provides the finest headphones for organisers of both commercial and private parties throughout Derbyshire and elsewhere in the UK. 

A silent disco is a unique experience for music and party lovers alike. One of the biggest benefits is that you can party in amazing places without distracting anyone living nearby. That means it’s easier to dance the night away in often iconic locations!

Party the night away without disrupting anyone. 

With a silent disco, there’s no worries about creating noise pollution. However, in order to ensure that’s the case, it’s crucial to hire the right equipment. Headphones need to be secure and not cause issues with sound in the surrounding environment. 

Because silent discos don’t cause noise pollution, they can take place any time, making them much more flexible. You won’t have to worry about that ruining anyone’s sleep, or causing a nuisance to anyone that lives nearby. 


Bring everyone together at your party.

Although silent discos might seem unsociable, that’s far from the case. Since you get to choose your own music, they’re often much more enjoyable for participants. Every guest is essentially their own DJ at this type of party. 

People of all age groups also love this type of event, so it’s brilliant for bringing people together at weddings, corporate celebrations and much more. People can easily take off their headphones when they feel the need to talk. In fact, it’s actually easier to have a conversation since once the headphones are taken off, there is no background noise. 

Do something different at your wedding or office party.

A silent disco often gives guests a completely new experience. It’s therefore brilliant for making your event stand out from the crowd. No matter if you’re planning a small house party or a massive celebration, it’s suitable for almost all kinds of shin-digs.

Venues can include everything from function halls and hotels, to restaurants, warehouses, gardens, forests, and festivals.  Nightclubs, pubs, bars and houses are also popular places. 

What type of equipment do we have available for hire?

We can not only supply you with headphones but everything needed for a silent disco. That includes a pro transmitter, audio connection cables, and a full set-up guide. We also have an experienced team ready to help with any enquiries.  Hire Silent can also offer a free premium DPD delivery service, so you’re ready to go.


Optional extras include one fully-loaded iPod with tracks ready to play, a tablet with access to Spotify, and LED par can lights. 

The latter are powerful lights that can be used to light up any event or stage. They use an LED bulb, which not only produces a strong powerful beam but also uses a lower power consumption. 

LED par can lights are ideal for all kinds of shows or venues including silent discos. 

You can also turn your party into a silent karaoke party with our fully loaded karaoke laptop

If you need to hire headphones for your silent disco, find out more about our equipment today.